Friday, April 1, 2016

Stone Mountain Georgia Things To Know

Stone Mountain, of Dekalb County, Georgia, is a suburb around the metro Atlanta area. Originally, the area known as Stone Mountain was originally called New Gibraltar. However, the name was officially changed in 1847 because of its close proximity to the nearby landmark of Stone Mountain. 

The actual mountain is famous for its huge carving on the surface depicting President Jefferson Davis of the Confederacy, General Robert E. Lee, and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. All three men were prominent figures of the South in the American Civil War, which led to some controversy in the early 1900s as the Ku Klux Klan reassembled in the area. 

Famously, Martin Luther King, Jr., called out the area in his 
I Have A Dream speech saying, 
"Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia." Since the Civl Rights movement in the 1960s, Stone Mountain has emerged as an area for recreation thanks to the building of Stone Mountain Park in 1958.

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Of course, the most popular attraction of the city is Stone Mountain Park. With a ton to do throughout the year, including 5K's and fun runs, laser shows on the mountain, the Yellow Daisy Festival, Fourth of July celebrations, pumpkin picking, and of course Snow Mountain in the winter.

Make sure to check out SkyHike if you are up for a little adventure. This ropes and zipline course is sure to blow you away! And don't forget how close Stone Mountain is to fun cities like Atlanta and Decatur for fun shopping and dining options.

The population in Stone Mountain, Georgia, currently stands at 5,940 people. Housing density is at 1,585 residences per square mile. There are 22 public schools assigned to the Stone Mountain city district and the city operates under the Dekalb County School System.

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